The things that weren’t in alignment with your highest and greatest good, were removed from your path


What you want to as you peek into the rearview mirror is be grateful for the highs and the lows too.


We glorify our romantic encounters endlessly. Immortalise them by making movies and writing love songs.


The start of the week is bringing with itself serendipitous encounters and unexpected opportunities


Single lions who are yearning to be a part of a duo are being reminded that there is something magical brewing behind-the-scenes.


Be grateful for the things that worked out in the way that you imagined. Be even the more grateful for the things that didn’t.


Things are not working out in the way that you envision for a reason. Divine protection is at play, Libra. Allow yourself to feel it.


But, life is meant to be celebrated, Scorpio. Life is meant to be celebrated in all of its colours. So, slow down and savour every moment.


The latter requires you to set your intentions, plant your seeds with love and consistently do the work


We get it, Capricorn. The Universe has been dropping one truth bomb after another, much to your dismay.


Your disappointment is warranted. But, it isn’t helping you grow. What it is doing is creating more blockages in your path.


You harnessed your power as a co-creator to make big things happen for you. Now, move into a space of allowance.