The quickest GTA Online automobile that gamers can obtain on sale this week

This week's GTA Online update brought with it a slew of new discounts on a range of vehicles.

If gamers are seeking for the quickest of them all, the new and highly anticipated Obey 10F, which was just launched to GTA Online this week, is the way to go.

This is already one of the most desired automobiles that fans have been wanting for Rockstar Games to add to the game since the introduction of the Criminal Enterprises update.

As a result, it stands to reason that its performance should be elevated.

Broughy1322, a popular YouTuber and GTA Online automobile specialist, has uploaded a video examining the performance of the Obey 10F.

He dubbed the vehicle the quickest Criminal Enterprises DLC automobile to date.

His claims are plausible given that it has a peak speed of 126.0 mph and a lap time of 1.03.180.

This makes this vehicle one of the quickest in GTA Online, particularly in its class.

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