Terrifier 2 Horror movie update - 2022

Terrifier 2 is an American slasher film released in 2022.

It is the sequel to Terrifier (2016) and the second film in the franchise.

Leone began conceptualising the feature picture premise immediately after making his directorial debut short film The 9th Circle (2009).

The intended film's idea centred on a heroine dressed as an angel combating the Art character.

Art the Clown murders the coroner who is inspecting his dead corpse after being revived by an unknown entity during the Miles County Massacre.

The following day is Halloween. Jonathan notices Art at school with a dead possum.

Leone stated on February 12, 2019, in a social media post showcasing the cover page, that the first draught of the script was finished.

On July 24, 2020, a teaser trailer for Terrifier 2 was published.

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