Miona Bell, star of 90 Day Fiance, responds to critics who want her to cover up: 'I'm not sorry.'

Miona Bell slammed 90 Day Fiance opponents who advised her to "cover up" her body.

Miona captivated fans during Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance with her attractiveness and occasionally provocative attire.

Mahala, Miona's mother-in-law, objected to her scant wardrobe choices, but the Serbian-born beauty stayed fast in her decision to express herself via fashion.

That was the case lately, when Miona posted a series of body-baring images on Instagram wearing a tiny lingerie set.

The photo was meant to commemorate hitting 200k Instagram followers, but according to Miona, it sparked a commotion among her detractors in her DMs.

Miona answered the trolls on Instagram Stories, calling them out anonymously for texting her and ordering her to "cover up."

"To respond to the disrespectful words, Miona published an Instagram Story from a few years ago to make her point."

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