Amazon has filed a lawsuit against businesses that post phoney reviews.

The subject of Amazon's first criminal lawsuit in Europe is a well-known Italian broker who deals in phoney reviews.

The defendant asserts to have established a network of people who are eager to purchase items from Amazon and leave 5-star ratings in return for a complete refund.

In Italy, those found guilty of this kind of offence risk jail time and penalties.

Amazon also brought its first civil lawsuit against the bogus review broker, Agencia Reviews, in Spain.

Investigations by Amazon indicate that the alleged fraudster completely reimburses clients after they post a bogus 5-star rating.

Amazon filed 10 more lawsuits1 against fraudulent review brokers in the United States, in addition to these historic claims in Europe.

 Additionally, Amazon sent cautionary warnings to five German-based websites that were leading users to a false review broker.

Since then, all five websites have signed a letter of cease and desist, pledging to halt this practise.

To prevent fake review brokers from arranging fake reviews in its store, Amazon has invested a lot of resources in looking into and suing them.

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