Meet November 2022 Written Episode Update

Everyone is playing games. Music is suspended during the meeting. They start dancing and Neelu joins in, waking up Laila in the middle of the dance. Barfi understands. Everyone got up and started dancing. Layla, knife in hand, approached the meeting. Laila thinks I won’t leave this meeting. Suddenly, the light went out and Layla stabbed and met. The meeting collapsed. Ram asks Hoshiar to check the lights. Barfi stops Laila. Meet Ahlawat. Ragini says I will bring first aid kit. Neelu says I was wrong, you hit too hard. Barfi says that a nail comes out, if that nail must have been injured. Babita says let’s get ready for pooja. Barfi says Laila don’t go out before the prayer is over.

Everyone came out. Babita asks Ahlawat to confront Neelu about meeting her. Meet Ahlawat, he is traveling in Neelu. Ragini says the moon is ours. Everyone starts with tradition. Introducing Ahlawat. Neeku, don’t be afraid of empty space, we will act just because I give you water, I promise you both will do it together. Introduction of Ahlawat text Enter your room and say that there is something waiting for you.

Raj brought milk cake for Babita and fed her. Babita, don’t think today is Neelu’s first Karwachauth and our son and Neelu will feel uncomfortable. Raj tells Neelam I’m dating Ahlawat, which means Neelu’s docent forced her. Babita says yes I know but what will we answer to others when things go out of this house. Raj says you are going in wrong direction. Babita says how if you feel someone is fasting for her husband’s age, Dadi must have gone. Raj says I have accepted him as my son and he has full right in all decisions in this house, we will not talk now.

Walked into the bedroom. Someone is hiding behind the curtain. Check Ahlawat’s dating letter, he read it. Someone dropped a vase of flowers. Ask anyone there and see the prints in their high heel room, they say no one in the house wears such a scandal. Walked towards the curtain and the phone started ringing. He said to meet Ahlawat, you must count to 100 before you finish or I will not talk to you.

In her room choosing a dress, Laila says every time I wear it, every man is crazy for me, it will be like magic to meet Ahlawat, then she will be mine forever and the happiness of others will be dark.

Meet Ahlawat, complete the retreat and meet him. Acquaintance and acquaintance with Ahlawat, they spend romantic time with each other. Layla watched them from above. Laila says that meeting Ahlawat is how she dares to approach him. The meeting tells Ahlawat that he has a few minutes for a good time in Karwachaut, let’s hurry, tomorrow there is nothing. He said to meet Ahlawat, let’s do pooja. They start with poja. When he met Ahlawat, he wore mangalsutra. He got jealous after seeing Laila, he thought he would fast for Meet Karwachauth, but he didn’t know Laila was normal, now he sees my magic, he punches the air and everything turns red. Meet Ahlawat and meet in shock. Laila thinks I will see how I celebrate Karwachauth with Ahlawat.

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