Meet November 2022 Written Episode Update

Laila says the red color won’t stay long at the Meet. The red saree fades into white including jewels and vermilion. Meet is shocked to notice this. Laila says Meet Ahlawat belongs only to her and Meet can’t get him. Meet acquires a color that is a sign of bad omen. All the colors fade from her life. Laila recalls reading the latter, which Meet Ahlawat wrote for Meet. Laila says how dare she hold fast for Meet Ahlawat.

He sprays a chemical on the clothes to fade their color. Meet says she cannot perform the ritual in this white outfit as she is a married woman. Laila says she wants the muhurat to pass. Meet drags Meet Ahlawat with her and they fall on the red paint that has spread all over the floor. Meet and Meet Ahlawat roll over there and red color is applied to their clothes. They share a romantic moment.

Laila sees it. Meet Ahlawat fills Meet’s forehead with red and adds that he knew he would surely find a solution. One can quickly break the fast because there is little time left. Meet Ahlawat who quickly interrupts her and forces her to drink water. Laila gets out of hand and says she will kill Meet. He throws a vase at her and Meet hugs her husband. The vase falls and they wonder who dropped it.

Barfi takes Laila to the room and gets angry with her. Barfi says why she wants to expose herself to Ahlawats. They will know about her illness and she should control her anger. Meet tells her husband that someone has conspired against her. Faded clothes, traces of heels all point to some kind of conspiracy. Someone from the outside came in and may be doing it. Meet Ahlawat and he assures her that he won’t let anything happen to her. He hugs her.

Neelam comes to her senses and assumes that Masoom forced her to drink alcohol so she is in this dress. Barfi calms her down and tells her to go change. Barfi thinks Neelam’s madness is going out of control. She consults the doctor and he says that most of the time Neelam is triggering something and she turns into Laila. Barfi says Neelam’s sautan will stay with her so it might be the trigger.

Doctor says then Barfi should make sure Neelam spends more time with her husband and Meet stays away from them. Neelam serves breakfast to Meet and sees her mangalsutra tied around her wrist. Neelam praises the design and Meet thinks she is such a kind soul. Babita scolds Neelam for giving breakfast to Meet in this condition when Meet should have taken more care of her. He also scolds Meet and he tries to explain. Neelam hides Meeta’s mangalsutra and distracts Babita. Babita leaves and Meet thanks Neelam. Neelam says she can’t thank Meet enough for doing so much for her child. Meet hugs her and tells her to stay happy and that it will make her child happy too.

Babita tells Neelam to give breakfast to Meet Ahlawat and also tells her to spend the whole day with him. Neelam follows him and he asks her if she has any work. He stands there and Meet enters. Meet holds his hand and tells him that she has to pick up her friend from the airport. Laila gets jealous when she sees them.

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