Meet November 2022 Written Episode Update

I have something to say before I say anything to meet Raj Ahlawat and Raj called Neelam. Raj tells Ahlawat that this girl will be the mother of our child. So amazed by grace and I didn’t think I was touched, believe me. Dating, I think I trust you more than myself.
Raj says to Neelam, I never accepted you because you ruined her life, but if she accepts you, I will not stop you, you are now part of this family and wife to meet Ahlawat. Barfi and Neelam are very happy. The meeting began to cry.
She thought about meeting Ahlawat and expressed her feelings.
Raj remembers Meet asking Ahlawat to marry him please.

Meet Raj Ahlawat, I hope it doesn’t spoil the relationship too and my daughter doesn’t repeat what you did to meet her. Familiar with Ahlawat look at the meeting. Meet the Smileys.

Meet Ahlawat in the room, he goes to Neelam and shouts who is this baby nonsense, what a new game. Neelam started crying. He said to meet Ahlawat and tell me the truth.

Barfi in her room cries in front of meeting, she says I shudder with pain thinking about that day. dating tell him, control your emotions and tell me what’s up.
dating Ahlawat shouts at Neelam, she says I don’t want another forced relationship to stop her lies. Neelam started crying. Ahlawat meeting calms himself down and gives Neelam water and asks her to tell the truth. acquaintance walks in and says I will tell you the truth. Neelam runs to Barfi and hugs her. Barfi tells Neelam that she said “meet the truth”. To meet Ahlawat, Neelam was seriously injured, tortured, raped and raped. Barfi says I broke after seeing what happened with Neelam, after knowing the truth this society will not let her live in peace and that’s why I forced Ahlawat to marry Neelam, forgive me but save my daughter’s life, I beg Barfi to fall at Ahlawat’s feet. he says meet and save my daughter.

Know Ahlawat leaves. He says Neelam is like a dirty cloth, meet Ahlawat, he will throw me out of his life and start crying. dating Neelam You say you have done nothing wrong, you are not alone, I will fight you, dating Neelam relaxes.

Barfi breaks Neelams identity and Barfi assures Laila that everything will be fine. Barfi now thinks that Meet is trapped and now she will ruin my daughter’s life to fix it.

Sit alone with Ahlawat, Think about dating, meeting, walking with him, meeting Ahlawat, why life gives us so many difficulties, he said.

Neelam wakes up with Laila and leaves. Barfi woke up and saw where Neelam was.
Dating Ahlawat says Meeting, I feel like holding hands and walking away from society and responsibility. Meeting Ahlawat, he reminds Deep about his promise and says what I will do now. The meeting tells him that all girls will break after being raped, we must believe that Neelam is safe and that the perpetrator will be punished and she will meet Ahlawat. Laila came from behind angrily seeing them. Barfi walks and thinks that Lord Laila is back, if he is familiar with Ahlawat then the whole drama will be a mess.

Laila goes to them, Neelam says only bad time shows who the person you love is, you both stand for me and thank you so much for a few words and for the first time I feel someone knows my feelings, you two are ready for each other and I am not want to come between such true love, I just want time. . Barfi is confused. Neelam says I will go when I have baby. Neelam saw Mangalsutra Meet at Meet Ahlawats, you both have to do Karwachauth pooja tomorrow, I don’t want to go in and leave.

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