Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode  Written Update November Upcoming  

The episode begins with Ram standing together for both of us and saying that we must be strong for Pihu, we must meet the judge and answer her. Ram talking to Priya’s family. Krish is coming. He says Ishaan was threatened because he told someone the truth when someone spilled his drink. Sarah said he did not drink alcohol. Ram says it means someone was threatening him, who. Krish says Vedika and Kanika did this, Ishaan went to the police station, he felt… Ram says that Priya and I will unite, I know the guilt, not fair. He says Sara, sorry that he had to tolerate this because of Vedika, she has conspired against us. Krish says Vedika wanted Priya and you to get separated, she used Pihu, I m sure that Vedika is behind this. Ram says so sorry, I made you feel that I won’t trust you, I don’t need proof, I can see that in Pihu and Priya, we will expose Vedika, everyone will be invited tomorrow, the game is now in my hands, I don’t lose when its about my family, will you support me in bring Pihu and Pihu together. Everyone says so. Priya is watching. Vedika comes and greets Nandini. He asks if everything is okay. Nandini says he’s worried that Ram won’t go back to Priya and use the Pihu. She doesn’t talk to Priya.
She asks Vedika to make a greeting card for her. She thinks Ram will catch you after seeing this handwriting, and I control Ram. Vedika says she’s ready. She gets up and the water falls. Nandini object. She said I asked you to make this postcard for Pihu. ram arrived. She asks Tarun to bring breakfast from my room. Vedika asks Ram to explain to Nandini about taking food and medicine. Nandini smiles and believes that my plans did not fail. Ishaan comes to Priya.

He apologizes to her. She says you are strong and smart. Do not cry. He said that Ram has plans with you and Pihu. he loves you I want you both to be together. You are thinking about the future and promise to focus on your career. Ishan’s Promise
She goes to him and goes to sleep. She thinks I’m worried Nandini will cause problems. Ram is joking. He apologizes, mom is mad at you. Vedika says I’m worried about you and Pihu. I am always there. He knows yes you care about me and Pihu. I don’t know how the judge found out about this, but you can help me and Pihu. Vedika hugs him willingly and, of course, Ram, I will come and do everything to rescue Piha from this trauma. He thanked her. Nandini leaves. Vedika tells you anything. He tells Nandini to give him food and medicine. She says of course. He goes to Pihu. She’s called Mom… He calls Priya. he put the phone there
He asks Piha to get up. It’s a new day. He encourages Pihu.

He takes her dress and asks her to choose what she wants. When her judge is coming, tell her you don’t like Priya. I don’t like her either. We don’t need Priya’s permission now. She says no one will say anything bad to the judge. I will change and come. she goes He says but you say you hate Priya. He tells Priya that Pihu resembles you. I promise you to connect with her. I will find a way. Priya says no, she can’t go. I have a devilish job. He asks what’s more fucked up than Pihu. Vedic appearance. Priya goes to see Krish. She asks Krish to drive quickly. She said Ram would clear up our misunderstanding. Krish says we should pray that everything goes as planned.

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