Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, November 2022 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Priya asking Piha to listen to her. Pihu doesn’t want to go to her mother, she says. Nandini asks if you want to go with me. She takes Pihu. Priya cries and asks Pihu to listen to her. Ram calls Priya. Krish sees Ram’s friends. He thinks what happened. Brinda said you know everything right.

I heard Ram and Ishaan talk. What does Chrissy ask? She asked if Shivina’s accident was caused by Ishaan and said Priya was responsible for saving him. Krish is really asking what you’re going to do. Adi says we will help you. Vikrant asks if… Krish would send a 13-year-old boy to the same prison that Ram used to send Priya to.

What about Nandini will Ram Ishaan protect? If he does this, he will come to me and I will apologize to you. he leaves Sarah looks surprised. she is crying She says Ishaan made such a mistake and Priya has been hiding such a big truth for years. she is crying

She says that Pihu learned that Priya is in prison. I learned a big thing here. Ram comes to school. He sees Priya crying. He looks at the prison photos and asks if Pihu knew about it. Priya says Mahender was right.

I destroy everything. I am a curse. He says no. Not true. She says she thinks my daughter is the killer that made me happy. Ram says Ishaan said you made a great sacrifice for him Realized that you are a superhero You can do anything for your family It really hurts me that you hid this from me now.

Priya says Pihu thinks I killed Shivina and she left me. He says I’ll talk to Pihu, but I don’t know who did. She says yes, you believe in me.
Ram asks her for a chance. He cheats on her.

Mira, Sarah, and Vikrant return home to meet Pihu. Shubham stops them and argues. Nandini comes and rebukes them. She says not all of you can meet my Pihu. This is my decision and I will not change my decision.

Ram asks Nandini to reconsider. I stopped them because Shubam wanted to know what happened to Fihu today. Ram is right, Pihoo says he needs a mother now. He calls Priya and takes her hand. Bad ace… Ram says I’m getting Pyha to meet Priya. She says no. Pihu is my granddaughter.

she is broken It broke her heart to see her broken. She doesn’t want to date Priya. He says this is my request. Priya knows Piha well and she doesn’t need anyone’s permission.

Schwam asserts. Ram scolds him and sends Priya to Pih. Nandini asks what’s going on. Ram says I feel the same way. The chip was planted yesterday and today these photos should support Priya and bring the truth to life.

Nandini says he always chooses Priya. Shubham says when she killed Shivina. Vikrant thinks Ram didn’t say anything about Ishaan. Ram says he wants to know who did this to Pihu. Vikrant says Krish can help film the school.

Ram says no, it’s not necessary. He asks Shubam for a diary. He asks Shubham to write. Shubham asks what you are going to do. Ram asks him to write the name of the flower. Shubam asks why.

Ram says I got this card. This is not Pihu’s handwriting, but a kind of handwriting. She asks if you doubt us and pass our tests. Ram says if you are planning you should take the exam. You lied to me about Pihu, and I was hurt.

I will not tolerate anything that hurts my daughter. He asks Shubham to write if he hasn’t done anything on his own. Priya thinks of a way to get ahead of Pihu. Sarah and Mira stop her. Priya says she should talk to Pihu. I taught Pihu to accept mistakes. Sarah says it was Ishan who made the mistake, not you who made the mistake. I’ll take care of him. Priya prays that Pihu understands me.

Shubham writes, speaks, verifies. This is not my handwriting. It is said that Ram was a demon to solve doubts. I hope you understand. Nandini tells Shubham to calm down. I will also write. No Ram, she says, you’re mad. they approve.

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