Anupama Upcoming Episode Story Written Update: November

Anupama Shah tells her family that Anuj spoke after much thought, so they should listen once. Anuj apologizes to the Shahs and says that his intention is not to go against them or provoke Pakhi, that Pakhi will definitely not punish his father, he just spoke according to the situation. Vanraj says true or not, he is neither Pakki’s father nor Adhig’s father. Anuj asks if there is nothing for them. Vanraj says that Anuj has, but Anuj cannot decide what is right for his daughter. Anupama says that Anuj only follows his own opinion. Anuj says he is worried for Adhik and Pakhi. Vanraj advises her not to talk about Adhik in this house. Hasmukh says that Wanraj is Paki’s father and others are also related from the other side and he is worried. Anuj says that father can fight with everyone but he can’t pay attention to his children and he has to listen to them; Affection during Adhig, he can understand Adhig because he is not ready to listen all that time; He was afraid that Pakhi and Adhig would take too much out of frustration, so he came here.

He said that he spoke to Adhik and that both Adhik and Pakki are serious about their relationship and want to get married at any cost; he does not force the children to marry now, but it takes time and marriage at the right time; he did not want the children to rebel and fight against them. Kavya and Hasmukh say that Anuj is Mamla. Anuj says now they have to work as friends not parents. Pakhi tells Adhi over the phone that he should go ahead with his decision as his parents don’t agree. Adhik says he will convince Anuj’s family. Pakhi says that Vanraj is not very agreeable. Adhik then said to continue with his decision.

Vanraj tells Anupama that after listening to so many ideas, he doesn’t really understand; She feels that Anuj is mamla, but then she thinks he is right. Anupama said let’s wait sir for some time and then think of a peaceful solution. Anuj asks Hasmukh if ​​he is right. Hasmukh says he is right in that situation. Samar and Hasmuh then console Leela and request her to stop over thinking and get well soon. Kavya tells Anupam and Anuja that Shah is always available whenever there is a problem in the family, she wants him to forget everything and enjoy his first diwali with Little Anu. They thank him for his attention and go home. Anuj says he wants to say something else but not yet.

Paakhi writes in her diary that she loves Adhi very much. When Anuj returns home, Adupik informs Anupam that Ankush and Barka want to control Anpam using Pakhi. Anupama is shocked to hear this and says that she wants to have a sibling relationship with Barha and Ankush, but they are very materialistic. Anuj says he will give them one last chance just because of Anupama. He also revealed that Adhig had admitted his mistake and was looking for a job for the first time after completing his MBA, that he was actually working and needed help. Then their theme changed to Diwali.

Vanraj knocked on the door of Paki’s room. Paakhi screamed leaving him alone. Vanraj walks in and says they say what they want, let’s end all this; because his life was in question, he didn’t want to rush, and he didn’t have to; he neither accepted nor rejected the decision. Anuj and Anupama will go home. Anupama says that she and Little Anu will be celebrating their first Diwali, that she wants to buy new utensils like she doesn’t every Diwali, etc. Vanraj tells Pah that he should not take any decision and that Diwali should be forgotten all. He asks Anupama not to meet Adhik until she meets Adhig’s parents and discusses the matter with them. Pakhi wants to make it clear that she will give him as much time as he wants, but he and Adhik love each other and want to get married at any cost. Vanraj came out of his room and saw Hasmukh standing. He hugged the guest and asked why it was difficult for him to be the girl’s father. Hasmouh says that it is difficult to understand and understand children, but you should not worry, because everything will be fine.

Barka gets angry with Ankush and Adhi for revealing her intentions to Anuja. Adhik warns him not to come between himself and Pakki. Anuj and Anupam returned. Adhik asks Anuj if he talked to Vanraj. Ankush says that he is called and Vanraj and Anuj both decided not to meet Adhik and Pakki until this issue is resolved. Barha thinks Pakhi doesn’t want to sit like Anupama and won’t let this marriage happen. In the morning, Anupama cleans the steel bowl with the names of Anuj and Anu Little and thinks that after the pooja it will be given to Anu Little. Anuj comes in and says he wants to buy his gold but wants steel. He becomes romantic with her and hugs her. Tumsa Koi Pyara Koi Masoom Nahi Hai.. the song is playing in the background.

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