Anupama November 2022 Written Episode Update

Anupama attends class. The teacher asked everyone to introduce themselves. Some newlyweds introduce themselves and how they fell in love at the office and got married in 6 months, and their dream to start a marketing business after quitting their jobs. Anupama praised them for thinking of leaving their well-paying jobs to start a business. Everyone clapped for them. Another student, Cheyenne Sangoi, shared that she owns a grocery store, has done her BCom, the need to develop a small business to compete with multinational companies, and her dream to continue her father’s business by studying some finance courses. Then all claps for him. Other students also introduced themselves. Anuj waits for Anupam outside the college and hopes that his first day goes well.

All Adhigi exposed in Kings. He asks if everyone is telling the truth. Kavya asks how she can use Pak to control Anupama whom she hates. Leela says that such hateful behavior is not acceptable. Vanraj asks if he planned all this or it happened suddenly revealing his brother is here. Barha said that he had been thinking about using Pak for a long time, but he didn’t think that Pak would be trapped for the rest of his life; She has her own daughter and she doesn’t want her daughter to be like that. Leela asks if he was thinking about his daughter when he tried to torture Pak. Vanraj asks if he felt guilty or came here instead of informing Anupam. Barha says she has informed Anupam.

The teacher asked the next student to introduce himself. An old woman stood up, laughed a little, and said that she helped her husband in his business, and after his death, asked his children to enroll in a finance course so they could understand his business. Everyone clapped for him. The teacher asked Anupama next to him to introduce herself. Anupama is happy. Barha tells Anupam that he has informed everything. Leela shouts at Anupama as usual, she has time to prepare and study for college but not telling the truth. Barha says that she is surprised to see Anupama’s silence, that Adhig has revealed the whole truth to Anuja, that Aisyah does not trust Adhig as she knows him since childhood, that Aisyah does not like marriage at all, and that she can’t fall in love with Pakhi . 1-2 meetings.

Kavya thanks them for telling the truth and says they will take a decision only after talking to Anuj and Anupama. Barha says he knows about Adhig’s life in the US; he likes parties, girlfriends, elite class girls and can’t love a simple girl like Pakhi. Anupama is happy and repeats water surri surri / sorry. The teacher asks for her time and tells her that she needs to learn to be comfortable and that it’s okay to be nice; sometimes excitement drives them and asks them to introduce themselves now. Barha asks Shah that Adhig cannot be loyal to his sister, how can he be loyal to someone else. Hasmuh even said that he was not loyal to his brother. Barha says Pakhi informs them about his life so that they can take a decision after much thought. Samar says that he did it so that no one can blame him in future. Everyone is right, he did not get Adhig’s guarantee then he should not be blamed.

Pakhi is shocked to hear Barka and says that he should be ashamed of killing his own brother. Everyone says he only reveals the truth. Pakhi Adhik shares his past, present, future plans, etc. opened. Leela says if she reveals the truth, thieves won’t be thieves. Pakhi says Adhig is honest. Vanraj asks why is he standing behind Adhig despite knowing the truth. Paakhi knows no matter what she says, she will marry Adhik only because she has changed and loves him anyway. Vanraj tells him to come in and let him talk to Anuj and Anupama first. Anupama introduces herself and says that her father wanted her to study well with him, but after her father’s sudden death, she can no longer study. He said that young children do not take things for granted, but it was a nightmare for him; he wanted to continue his studies after marriage, but he could not remember Leela and Vanraj’s discouragement. After giving birth to a child, she continued how her responsibilities increased and she could not go to school. She describes how her children and her husband were tormented by her studies, how she separated from her husband due to fate and how her inspiration and dream man Anuj Kapadia came into her life.

Everywhere. Leela says that Pakhi wants to marry Adhik because she spends time alone in the hotel but after knowing the truth about how Pakhi’s life will be in danger. Hasmukh asks him to calm down. Why didn’t Vanraj tell Anuj and Anupama the truth? Kavya says she asked him to forget all problems for 3-4 days and focus on his first diwali. Anupama continues in a relationship for 26 years and considers it his life, but when he meets Anuj and falls in love, he realizes what.

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