Anupama November 2022 Written Episode Update

Vanraj asks Anupama and Kavya what happened to Leela. Anuapam asks him to calm down. Otherwise Hasmukh will be embarrassed. Wanraj made it clear that Barkha told Leela that her health had suddenly deteriorated. Both are silent. Vanraj asks Leela directly and says he’s leaving. Kavya asks Anupama to do something for Vanraj if he finds out the truth will cause confusion. Haas Mook sees her Lila lose her consciousness and because her heart breaks and she cannot live without her, she begs her way to wake up and expects her to leave her world before her. Jignesh also collapses. Anuj calls Anupama and says he has heard of it, and asks if Wanraj has learned about it. Anupama says no yet and waits for Lila to wake up. He says he goes there. She asks him not to do that because she will handle the situation. He reads her shayari she finds next to her in some life situation of hers. Anupama says she doesn’t know what good deeds she has done to bring him into her own life, and she asks him to come quickly.

Anupama finds Adhik standing in front of him and asks what he is doing with her. He must leave before Vanraj notices and breaks his bones.
Adhik adamantly tells Vanraj that he loves Pakhi and wants to marry her. Their disputes arise. It is said that he only chatted with Park Hee in the resort room and did nothing. Vanraj hears this and beats him badly. Anupama let out his screams and realized that it was his imagination. She thinks the problem will be resolved anyway. Along with Ankush and Barkha, Anuj gets there. Lila regains her consciousness and calls Van Raj. Wanraj checks her blood pressure and says she’s stable, and she asks what happened at the resort. Her condition worsened. He asks what Barkha has done. Barca says no. Leela sees Pakhi and starts to cry. Wan Raj asks what she did to Park Hee. Leela says his beloved daughter ruined their dignity.

Vanraj asks what Pakhi did and insists Kavya should speak.
Kavya revealed that Pakhi and Adhik stayed together in a room at the same resort they had visited. Upon hearing this, Vanraj is shocked. Kavya cries that he did nothing wrong. Anuj tells him to speak. Barha and Ankush say they will send Adhik to America. Pakhi loves Adhik and wants to marry him, so he begs him not to. Barkha asks if she knows what her true love is. Pakhi goes on to say that she begs everyone and she doesn’t want to give any further explanations and she will marry Adhik at any cost, with or without blessings. Vanraj screams and says that lying and betraying are different. She betrayed him and broke his trust. He asks whom she learned to lie to her parents. Don’t tell her she learned from him she like Toshu. Pahi cries that she lied but did not betray his trust or did anything wrong.

Vanraj said he warned her not to even talk to her with her Adhik, but she stayed in her room with him. She doesn’t know how painful it is for her father to talk about this. He asks Anupamka when their children became smart enough to be comfortable lying, Toshu and Pakhi humiliated them, leaving only Samar and he had to humiliate them too. He tells Pachy that she told him to stay away from the boy. Park Hee asks for forgiveness

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