Anupama November 2022 Written Episode Update

Pakhee hugs Anupama and weeps, saying that he hasn’t pushed his limits or done anything wrong. Lila now says her mother will believe her daughter’s alligator tears. Pakhi says he truly loves Adhik and wants to spend her time with him. Rakhi says Toshu and Pakhi don’t look like Anupama’s children, given their behavior. Anupama, she asks Park Hee, how she can think of marrying her when she hasn’t finished school when she’s not even 20 years old. Lila said she had already started her post-wedding activities and will be announcing the resort’s results soon. Fahi cries that she didn’t do that. Leela asks what she is doing here. Anupama says it’s time to focus on her studies and career.

Kavya, Anupama is right. She says she now has to focus on her career and doesn’t distinguish between love and attraction in most cases. Pakhi says he truly loves Adhik. Leela won’t allow her to be the son-in-law of her cheap family, she says. Pakhee is adamant that she will only marry Adhik, even if everyone is against it. Dagger says she should first focus on her studies and career. Pakhi warns her to shut up even though she ran away and married.
Dagger says that Pakhee can’t compare her to himself because she already has an MBA. Pakhi insists that she will only marry Adhik. Anupama leaves her seat, saying that she will continue the discussion at her home. She hugs Rocky and falls down, she says that Park Hee has done nothing but it’s wrong to be in a hotel room with a man, but she says she doesn’t want to admit her mistakes and understands her fear of her parents. She says she can’t. Rakhi says she understands her fears because whenever Dagger meets her friend she fears that she might fall in love with an incompatible person, she said. Children cannot understand parental tension and the like.

Barkha is angry with Adhik, who falls in love with Pakhi when it was originally planned to trap Pakhi and fight against Anupama. Adhik says he loves Pakhi with all his heart and will only marry her. Barkha screams and commands him not to let this happen because there is nothing in this world that can be called love. Wanlaj is worried when Park Hee rejects the challenge. He gets a message that she is coming to her house. In the taxi, Kavia asks Lila not to cause trouble as soon as she gets home. Anupama continues to be heartbroken by Pakhi’s actions and wary of Wanraj’s wrath. Barkha and Adhik are furious and return home. Anuj and Ankush ask why the trip was interrupted and where Anupama and little Anu are. Barkha asks Adhik to tell him about his atrocity.
Adhik warns her not to use such language. Barkha revealed that Adhik and Pakhi were caught at the same resort where all the women went. Anuz and Ankushi are in shock.

The ladies return to the Shah’s house. Vanraj asks why they came home so early. Kavya says something. Wanraj was even more surprised that Pakhee was with them. Dagger says they found her on her way and took her with them. Anupama reminds Pakhi that he has a meeting. Rakhi says he will leave with Dagger and Pari. Dolly whispers in Anupama’s ear to be brave and daring. When Leela tries to talk about Pakhi’s atrocious behavior, she has a panic attack and faints from her stress. Her family drives her into her room. Ankush grabs Adik’s collar after learning about his behavior. Barkha tries to get Ankush out.
Anuj blocks Ankush and tells Adhik that he has already warned Pakhee not to do anything bad. Adhik truly loves Pakhi and says she wants to marry him.
Anupama informs Anuj that she and her young Anu are at Shah’s house. Vanraj notices her tension. Adhik quarrels with Ankush and takes Pakhee to her resort to chat with her and say that he only marries her and doesn’t care what they think.

Doctor checks Leela. Wanraj and Hasmukh ask why Leela suddenly fainted. Doctors said Leela’s blood pressure had risen due to her stress. You need to make sure she isn’t stressed. She would otherwise have to be hospitalized. Haas Mook sees Lila’s condition and collapses, needs her life companion in the final stages of her life and she says if Lila dies, she will die too. Anupama comforts him. Wanlaj asks Samar to stay with Lila and Hasmuk and leaves.

Conclusion: Anuj writes poetry to comfort Anupama, showing that he will always support her. Lila tells Wan Raj that Paki has broken her family’s respect. Wanraj asks Kavya, who reveals that Pakhi and Adhik are staying at the same resort they were staying at.

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