Anupama November 2022 Written Episode Update

Pari gives her toy to Toshu. Anupama tells Toshu to accept it and keep it with him for inspiration. She gives a long speech that he will fight an evil Ravan within him and return victorious as they burn Ravan’s effigy each year and so on. Vanraj says they fight with a wagon train in it every day and burn it every day.

Hasmukh says it is important for them to strengthen the 3 Laxman rekha in them. Toshu receives the blessing and leaves. Rakhi says there is something other than dussehra today. Anupama said it was very special. Anuj wishes Rakhi happy birthday followed by others. Rakhi cuts birthday cake and serves everyone. Kinjal says they should make Rakhi’s birthday special.

Jignesh’s jokes every day will be special if they take Leela on pilgrimage to holy place. Leela says Leg Nagin/Rakhi decide for yourself. Rakhi says she doesn’t plan anything in advance, she thinks all women need a break these days especially women, and so she wants to take women out on dates. All women enthusiastically agree and men support them
Samar jokes that men can appreciate it if women go out for a while.

Leela asked if everyone left the house, who would take care of the housework. Jignesh joked about her again. Anupama said that he decided that the women would party outside. Anuj says that all men party at home. Pakhi says she cannot go with them because she has to finish a university presentation. Anupama agrees. Pakhi feels happy thinking she can spend quality time with Adhik.

Leela says she will stay if Pakhi doesn’t go. Pakhi says she has to finish her project. Leela says she won’t tear down her project. Anupama explains to Leela that they can’t contain Pakhi because she has grown up and will rebel, Pakhi is in college and so Leela can’t follow her everywhere, they have to respect her freedom etc. She convinces Leela to go with them to the party. Leela agrees.

Anupama then goes to Pakhi and informs him that she is taking Leela with her, but Pakhi should not abuse her freedom.
Pakhi is very happy. Vanraj goes to Anupama and says he heard everything and understood her point. Anupama had said that they were losing on Toshu and couldn’t lose another child. All the men are having a bachelor party. Rakhi warns them not to be too mean and says she keeps all women’s cell phones with her because she doesn’t want men to disturb them.

Anuj asks him not to do that as he cannot stay without talking to Anu. Pakhi is happier thinking that she can easily manipulate Vanraj and get out of the house. She asks Adhik to meet her to spend quality time with her. Barkha gets a message from Rakhi asking them to join an all-women outing. Ankush also received an invitation from Hasmukh for All Men’s Day. Barkha thinks Hasmukh wants to party at this age.

Ankush says even Adhik will meet his American friends, so she can visit the women’s party and he will attend the men’s party. Barkha says she can only enjoy the party if there is drama there.

Anuj is romantic with Anupama and says he can’t go without her for a day. She feels embarrassed
After a while, the women are ready to go to the party and promise to return as best friends. Anuj laughs and says women can never stay without arguing and fighting. Jignesh jokes about Leela. Both sides have a healthy argument highlighting each other’s flaws and capitalizing on them. The women enter the cabin.

Hasmukh says it’s nice to see four generations of women together. Vanraj used to adore Paris. The taxi left with Leela singing Ambe Maat Ki Jai. Pakhi feels happy spending time with Adhik.

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