Anupama November 2022 Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story

Anupama learns that Toshu has kidnapped Pari/Arya and left a message for Kinjal. He runs out looking for Tosha. Rakhi informs Shahs about Toshu’s act. Anupama reads Toshu’s note to Kinjal that he is marrying his daughter because she under Anupama’s influence kept his daughter away from him, now she will be away from the child like him and will never meet Pari again.

Toshu hides in the temple and pampers Pari. Vanraj with Samar and Dolly meet Anupama and she says that Mrs. Dave told someone who kidnapped Pari. Anupama says her Paritosh and has a long dialogue condemning Toshu’s heinous act. Dolly says that Tosha did not do well to separate the child from its mother. Anupama says they should find Tosha and Pari as apparently he didn’t go very far. Vanraj says she is right.

Anupama is driving her car looking for Tosha. Vanraj and Samar drive another car and search for Samar. Anupama calls Anuj and informs him that Toshu has taken Pari away. Anuja says she will come wherever she is now. Anupama says she has already left and hopes Toshu will be found soon.

Kavya learns about Toshu kidnapping Pari and asks if Kinjal knows about it. Rakhi says not yet and hopes that Pari will be found before Kinjal finds out. Kinjal with Hasmukh, Leela and Jignesh returns home and asks about Pari. Rakhi nervously says that she is with neighbor Neela. Leela says its fine. Neela walks by. Rakhi asks if Pari is with her. Neela says no. Kinjal asks Pari where is Pari.

Anupama prays to the god to enable this mother to reach Toshu and bring back the mother’s child. She stops at a temple and begs God to help her find Pari. He finds the Pari toy there and realizes that Toshu is around. She sends a message to Samar to arrive there.

Kinjal panics when he hears about Pario’s kidnapping and fears that Toshu will hurt Pario as he has lost his mental balance. Leela says Toshu would never hurt Pari. Kinjal confronts Rakhi for being careless and asks that she is a mother, if she cannot protect another mother’s child, how will she protect her own daughter. She calls Anupam and breaks down. Anupama consoles her with a long speech about raising children and not being afraid if a child falls and gets hurt during adolescence.

Samar notices that Vanraj is upset and tries to console him. Vanraj says that parents think that children’s mistakes are due to their bad upbringing, Toshu was his pride, but today he is unable to face himself before Toshu. Kinjal continues to cry vigorously and Rakhi tries to console her. Kavya says Toshu should not have stooped so low.

Leela supports Tosha and reminds Kavya that she too called the police earlier and worried the Shaha family. Kavya says this is a very old problem. Rakhi tongue lashes at Leela that she can defend her grandson to any extent, a blind woman like her will find fault with everyone and hide the mistakes of her son and grandson. Leela says people make mistakes in anger. Hasmukh says her son kidnapped her daughter and risked her life. Jignesh supports Hasmukh. Leela continues to defend Tosha and blames everyone for forcing Tosha to stoop so low. Hasmukh says she can’t see what her grandson did, her grandson deserves punishment for his act.

Anupama finds Toshu sitting on a park bench feeding Pari milk and hides thinking that Toshu will try to run after her so she has to handle the problem carefully. He walks quietly from behind. Leela continues to defend Toshu’s act and again blames everyone for pushing him to stoop so low. Rakhi says she will send Tosha to jail once he is found. Vanraj with Samar reaches the temple site and calls Anupam. He catches Toshu’s attention and notices Anupama standing behind him.

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